Background to Billabong

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(Last Updated On: 16/05/2022)

Background to Billabong

Introduction: Billabong's Story - The World's First Wetsuit

Billabong was a surf company that started in the Gold Coast, Australia. They were founded by Gordon and Rena Merchant who wanted to create a business that would “bring people together through surfing.”

In the 1960s, Billabong began selling wetsuits due to the recognition of how necessary they were for water sports. In 1974, they created a new type of suit with polar fleece lining and called it “Chillax.”

In 1983, Billabong sold their first international product- skateboards from California. This became part of their main business as they moved on to sell shoes and then clothes.

Billabong was a surf company that started in the Gold Coast, Australia. They were founded by Gordon and Rena Merchant who wanted to create a businessIn 1985, they opened a chain of stores in Hawaii called “Billabong USA.” As time went on it became one of the largest surf shops in the world.

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Details about the new wetsuits - How are they different?

We offer different wetsuits for different watersports. For example, the wetsuits are made of different materials depending on the water temperature. This new innovative technology means that our wetwill not be affected by water temperature.

The new innovative technology that we use on our wetsuits is a thermo-sensitive membrane which is super important for water activities because it makes sure that the suit will keep you warm even when it gets wet. The fabric has micro-pores which are distributed evenly throughout the suit and these pores open up when they are exposed to heat allowing your skin to breathe but when it cools down, they shrink up which helps retain body heat.

This new innovation also reduces drag in the water because the micro-pores are more flexible than traditional wetsuits

What Makes Billabong so Special?

Billabong is a global retailer that sells boardsports lifestyle brands. It was founded in 1973 by Gordon and Rena Merchant, who are the founders of the company. They opened their first store in Australia, which was called The Surf Shop.

The company has expanded its reach to other parts of the world, including America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa and New Zealand. The growth of Billabong reflects the growth in popularity of Billabong products that target surfers and other board sports enthusiasts as well as those who do not participate in such sports but enjoy the popular culture associated with these activities.

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What Makes a Billabong Wetsuit Unique?

The Billabong Wetsuit is a product that has been designed for a specific purpose, and it does this job very well.

Billabong is a company that specialises in the production of wetsuits. These wetsuits have been designed for surfers to wear during their time in the water. They are made from neoprene to allow for better flexibility, as well as being warm and comfortable to wear. The company also makes boardshorts and rashguards that can be worn with the wetsuit for added protection from the sun.

In order to ensure that their products are always at their best, Billabong has an extensive quality control process which includes a variety of tests on each suit before it leaves their factory. This ensures that they are always producing quality products.

A brand that has stood the test of time, Billabong knows how to keep its customers happy with innovative wetsuits.

The late 1960s – late 1970s was the golden age of surfwear. The introduction of polyurethane foam, neoprene and PVC created a whole new way to design and manufacture clothes for an active and sporty lifestyle. The founder, Gordon Merchant found that by using these new materials he was able to create functional, durable and innovative surf wear that set his company out from the rest.

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