A Guide to Quiksilver wetsuits

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(Last Updated On: 09/05/2022)

A Guide to quiksilver wetsuits.

An Introduction

Quiksilver wetsuits is a Minnesota-based company that designs and creates high-performance, durable, and innovative wetsuits. Quiksilver wetsuits are built to perform in the most extreme conditions on the planet—from ice-cold water temps to submersion in the ocean, surf and sand.

Quiksilver wetsuits are the leading provider of wetsuits to small-scale recreational water sports enthusiasts. Quiksilver wetsuits’ range is made up of a wide array of well-designed, high-performance, affordable products aimed at the vast majority of water sport enthusiasts. With a focus on performance and value, Quiksilver wetsuits’ products are designed to be functional, durable and stylish. Quiksilver wetsuits’ products are available in retailers around the world.

The Founder

His Excellency, Peter Molyneux, is the founder of quiksilver and has been a member of their board since 2008. He has been truly impressed by the company’s vision and commitment to sustainability—and he has a strong desire to see quiksilver wetsuits continue to make a positive impact on society.

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Eco Friendly

Winning wetsuits

Quiksilver wetsuits have a longstanding reputation for being environmentally friendly and socially conscious. They use high-quality materials that are both sustainable and eco-friendly, and all of their products are designed to be as comfortable as possible while still keeping you safe in the water. You can feel confident that they will continue this trend in the future as well.

Surfwear innovation

quiksilver wetsuits has been an innovator in the world of surfwear for years. The company was founded in 2008, but it didn’t make its first wetsuit until four years later in 2012. By that point, Quiksilver already had a proven track record of providing innovative products to customers who are known for being ahead of the curve. Customers enjoy the comfort and protection of quiksilver wetsuits because they’re designed to be lighter, faster, cooler, and more durable than other brands.

ver products have been used to win qualifying events at the Olympics, World Championship events, and National Championships. This past year alone, Quiksilver won a number of surfing championships: most notably the Rip Curl Pro France—which is a division of the World Surf League—and events on Australia’s Gold Coast. Quiksilver also made headlines by becoming the first brand to use graphene in a wetsuit (instead of other materials like neoprene

Changing peoples lives

Since Quiksilver’s founding, they’ve been committed to helping people embrace adventure and discover their true potential in the water. With each new product they release, they’re out to change people’s lives through innovation, performance, and craftsmanship. This dedication to quality and excellence has led to many accolades including the National Sailing Hall of Fame as well as international recognition from Ironman Magazine for “Wetsuit of the Year” which was awarded to Quiksilver in 2012.

Quiksilver charities events

Over the years, quiksilver has been involved with many charity events including a partnership with Special Olympics USA that helped raise over $6 million for their athletes over 6 years and created an opportunity for young members of Special Olympics to compete against members of Team USA in special endurance exercises at the 2012 London Olympics. Because of Quiksilver’s commitment to giving back to our community and helping support young athletes to reach their potential..

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Quiksilver making waves

Quiksilver wetsuits have been making waves in the sports industry for decades, and recently they have been expanding into the fashion world. The brand is well known for its quality wetsuits and accessories, which are made with natural materials to keep you dry and comfortable in the water. 


People love Quiksilver wetsuits for their versatility and versatility. Quiksilver wetsuits can be used for swimming, surfing, kayaking, fishing, or just about anything else you could want to do.

But what if there was a wetsuit that was great for just about everything? It wouldn’t matter how cold it is outside, how deep the water is, or what the surface conditions are like—with Quiksilver wetsuits, you’d be able to do it all!

Quiksilver is a company of artists, craftsmen, and engineers who blend the best technologies in wet suits to create the most durable and functional wetsuits in the world.

Quiksilver - keeping up to date

Quiksilver factory has been in operation since 2012, and they have already shipped more than 50,000 wetsuits to customers all over the world. Their products have been featured in magazines like GQ and Sports Illustrated, and they make sure their wetsuits are always kept up-to-date with the latest technology to make sure they can guarantee their clients will never swim without feeling safe and comfortable.

In the news

In recent years, Quiksilver has made headlines when it comes to manufacturing new kinds of materials. For example, their new “Nano” material makes their wetsuits five times stronger than traditional materials. This means that Quiksilver can make a lighter-weight suit that is strong enough for any kind of activity—whether it’s surfing or swimming.

Quiksilver and the benefits of nanotechnology

Quiksilver is one of the only companies in the world that works almost entirely with nano-technology. They use this technology to make watertight seals between layers of fabric so your body can stay dryer longer, which helps you stay warm when the water starts getting cool.

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