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Cressi wetsuits

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Looking for a Cressi wetsuit? View them here and use our filters to take you to the wetsuit of your choice. Choose your sport, thickness and zip position.

Cressi wet suits are versatile with lots of wetsuits for all sorts of water activities as well as different styles for men and women, boys and girls.  This includes wetsuits for cold water, warm water, and tropical water.

A Cressi wet suit is made to keep you comfortable in all three types of environments. They are made with a neoprene material that keeps the diver warm in temperatures up to 72 degrees Fahrenheit. They also have a zipper front closure which is inconvenient in colder waters below 72 degrees Fahrenheit.

The diver should be wearing this type of suit when they are going scuba diving in tropical waters or when they are going duck hunting to protect their body from the cold water because it will be easier for them to get colds, fever, and other illnesses.