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Do I need a wetsuit for Spearfishing?

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(Last Updated On: 30/04/2022)

Do I need a wetsuit for spearfishing?

If you’re looking to get into spearfishing, you might be wondering if you should invest in a wetsuit.  Spearfishing UK is a cold-water activity. If you are not wearing a wetsuit, you will be very cold and may not be able to enjoy the sport..

Wetsuits can be expensive, and you may not want to spend the money on something that isn’t necessary.

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Wearing a wetsuit for Spearfishing is a good idea

First of all, wetsuits help keep you warm. You might not think this is an issue in the UK, but guess what? You’d be wrong! Spearfishing is a sport that requires endurance, and many new spearfishers are surprised by how tiring it can be. In addition, the longer you stay submerged in cold water, the colder your body will feel—which means it becomes more difficult to maintain your endurance and stay focused on fishing.

A wetsuit will help keep your body temperature up and make sure that you don’t lose focus!

Because the cold water of the UK makes it impossible to survive without one—especially if you’re staying in the water for more than 20 minutes. Wetsuits are designed to keep you warm without restricting your motion, so you can go after your prey without worrying about losing out on speed or movement.

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Why do I need a wetsuit when spearfishing?

Wetsuits also offer protection. Spearfishing is a sport where you’re interacting with sharp objects and wild animals—you never know when they’ll strike or what they’ll do when they do. Wearing a wetsuit will provide some armor between you and your prey!

If you’ve ever gone spearfishing in the UK, then you know that the water is cold all year round. While it might not seem like a big deal to hop into the ocean on a hot day, you’re going to get cold after hours of swimming and diving.

Even if you think you can handle the cold, it’s recommended that you wear a wetsuit for Spearfishing UK because it will keep your muscles warm. A warm muscle is more resilient to injury, so you will be less likely to pull a muscle when you’re wearing one.

Wearing a wetsuit while Spearfishing UK also helps protect your skin from the sun. The sun reflects off the water, so even though it might not feel like it’s that hot out, your skin can still get burned without proper protection.

Wetsuits are an essential piece of equipment for any spearfisherman. They help 

you stay warm in cold water, and they keep you from getting tangled in a fish or coral reef.

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