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Do I need a Wetsuit for Surfing?

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(Last Updated On: 10/06/2022)

Do I need a wetsuit for surfing?

Making the switch from just using a surfboard to wearing a wetsuit whilst surfing can be life-changing. Surfing is an extreme sport, so you need to make sure you’re prepared for every situation.

There are many things you should consider when choosing your wetsuit, from how it feels on your body to whether it’s waterproof or not. Some surfers opt for wetsuits out of necessity, but others choose to wear one because they believe the extra protection it gives them makes the difference between an enjoyable day and one that ends up in the hospital.

The UK has some of the best waves in the world, and surfing is a hugely popular sport. Not only does it bring people together on the water, it also runs alongside scuba diving and windsurfing as a high-profile sport. With an increasing number of surf schools popping up around the country, there’s never been a better time to get into the sport — and wearing a wetsuit will help you do so.

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Wearing a wetsuit for beginners

Wearing a wetsuit can make it easier for beginners to catch waves and be more comfortable in colder waters. But if you’re already an experienced surfer and want to get even better, wearing a wetsuit will help you stay warmer when the water temperature dips — something that can seriously hamper your performance. And if you’re going out on a big day trip with friends or family, wearing your wetsuit will help keep everyone warm while they enjoy some of the best waves in Europe

If you do not wear a wetsuit, you can expect to feel the effects of the cold water within about 10 minutes and feel ill and exhausted after about 20 minutes. Even if you are a strong swimmer, it is possible that hypothermia could set in and cause serious health issues and that is one thing you do not want to have happen whilst surfing.

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So what should you be looking for when buying a wetsuit? Well first of all, you need to consider how long you plan on being in the water for. If you are going out there for just a few hours at a time, then a 3/2mm wetsuit will be fine as long as it has been well insulated. However, if you are planning on spending several hours out there every day, then you may want to consider investing in a 4/3mm wetsuit or even thicker if your budget allows it.

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Free from hazzards

A common reason that surfers might wear a wetsuit is to keep themselves free from other hazards. The UK’s waters can be home to dangerous wildlife such as fish and stingrays, not to mention the sharp rocks that lie just beneath the surface of some beaches. By wearing a wetsuit, you’ll provide yourself with a layer of protection against these hazards and enjoy your trip even more.

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Just have fun!

If you have ever been surfing, then you know that when you are out in the surf, there is only one thing that should be on your mind—having fun! When you are out in the water enjoying yourself, there’s no need to stress over what sort of wetsuit to wear. We all know that it’s not something we ever really think about.


A lot of surfers believe that a wetsuit is unnecessary because they don’t realize how cold the water can get if they’re not protected by a wetsuit. Sure, sometimes it’s cool and breezy out on the water and there are even sunny days when the surf looks awesome and perfect for surfing, but there are also those days where it’s cold and windy and rainy and there’s not a lick of good surf to be found anywhere.


And then there are those days where it’s just an average-sized wave with not much wind at all. Who wants to swim around on those days? It would probably be best to stay home instead of getting into the ocean when it looks like this.

Getting back on your surfboard

You can imagine the cold, hard water of the ocean is like a very fast-moving wall that you would need to jump over. This is why it’s really really important to use a wetsuit when surfing in cold water. If a wetsuit is dry, it will be easier to get back on the surfboard after falling off. The cold water will pull at your clothes and make you lose your balance and fall off the surfboard.

Section: Buying a good quality made for purpose wetsuit will give you extra warmth as well as comfort.

consider wearing a good quality wetsuit when surfing in UK waters.

If you’re considering hitting the waves in UK waters, you should give some thought to wearing a wetsuit. Wearing one can make your time surfing in the UK much more pleasant.

Wetsuits are designed to keep you warm by trapping water next to your skin. Your body heat warms up this water, which provides an insulating layer between you and the outside water.

The colder the water, the thicker your wetsuit needs to be to keep you warm. Water temperatures in the UK vary but are rarely above the mid-60s Fahrenheit. This means that even without a strong current or wind, you will likely benefit from wearing a wetsuit when surfing in UK waters.

While we wouldn’t call it a necessity, it is true that UK waters are chilly, even in the summer months. Wearing a wetsuit will keep you warm and help your muscles stay relaxed. This means you can surf longer and enjoy your session more. Your muscles will thank you when you’re done!

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