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Do you need a wetsuit for Open water swimming UK

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(Last Updated On: 30/04/2022)

Do you need a wetsuit for Open water swimming UK

Wetsuits are stylish and protect against cold water. The benefits of a wetsuit include protection from the elements, warmth, and style.

A wetsuit’s main concern is keeping you warm while you’re out in the ocean or in the pool. This can be achieved through capillary action: when water enters your wetsuit, it cools down because the liquid is forced to circulate through your body and out of the suit. In addition to being able to keep your body temperature up and protected, a proper wetsuit will also keep your hair dry and protected from wind and saltwater damage.

But what about protection against the elements? Wetsuits are made to provide this by providing an extra layer of fabric that can withstand the pressure from waves, wind, rain, and snow. Some wetsuits even have special “pockets” which allow for more flexible movement than normal clothing would allow.

The benefits of a wetsuit

Wetsuits are not only stylish and protect against cold water, they also have a multitude of health benefits and there are much more to the benefits of a wetsuit that you may not know.

You don’t have to worry about getting hypothermia when you go for a swim. Wetsuits are stylish and protect against cold water, giving you the freedom to enjoy a swim that allows you to be active and feel confident. They can also be used as protection in other activities that require the use of water, such as scuba diving, surfing, SUPing (stand up paddleboarding), and kayaking.

The cold water - shivering!

For example, a wetsuit can help enhance your performance and allows your muscles to warm up faster because it provides a barrier between the user’s skin and the colder air or water around them. Wearing a wetsuit at lower temperatures can give an athlete more efficient movement and better performance in many sports. It can even allow an athlete to increase their oxygen intake by removing layer upon layer of wet clothing before they begin exercising, allowing them to work out longer without fatigue.

When it comes to cold water, we don’t always have the luxury of an option. Whether you’re an avid swimmer or someone who just enjoys the warm summer days, you need to be safe and protected in the water. And that’s where a wetsuit comes in handy!

More fun with a wetsuit

There are several reasons why a wetsuit is such a great investment for your safety. First, they keep your entire body protected against cold water. They also help to make swimming more fun with their stylish looks and bright colours.

Better protection

But perhaps the best thing about a wetsuit is how much protection it provides for your health and wellness. The polyurethane foam keeps you insulated against the water temperature, which helps to lower your body temperature slowly over time—a must-have when you’re in the water for any amount of time!

People who wear wetsuits are protected from cold water and can swim longer before they start feeling the negative effects of a sub-zero ocean temperatures. This means that they can spend more time enjoying their surroundings and less time shivering.

And finally

For one thing, if you are planning on spending your time in cold water, then it would definitely pay to invest in a wetsuit. You can enjoy quite a bit of freedom by wearing the wetsuit over your bathing suit, because you can keep your bathing suit underneath the wetsuit. You can also enjoy being able to swim and dive safely, without having to worry about cold water getting into your inner thigh or between your legs.


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