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The best 1mm - 1.5mm thick wetsuits for sale

 Wetsuits that have a thickness of 1mm or 1.5mm thickess, should be worn in warm water.

 The warmer the water, the thinner your wetsuit needs to be. If you’re going to be swimming in colder waters (like in an ocean), then you should wear a thicker wetsuit with more coverage.

Wetsuits that have a thickness of 1mm or 1.5mm thickness are suitable for use in warm water temperatures and at temperatures up to around 22°C.  Where can I wear my wetsuit?

You may wonder where exactly is the best place for wearing a wetsuit! Well, there are many places where you can wear them such as in swimming pools or lakes during summertime; however, most people prefer wearing them while scuba diving because it’s easier to move around freely underwater without being too cold or hot from the water temperature itself.

View our 1mm thick wetsuits here.  You can also view our 1.5mm wetsuits and our 1.5/2mm wetsuits for sale here.  

 Whether you are looking for a Full length or shorty its available here.  

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