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The best 3mm thick wetsuits for sale UK

If you’re looking for a wetsuit that’s thin enough to wear in the water, but thick enough to offer some protection from the cold, a 3mm wetsuit is your best bet. These suits are designed with a specific purpose: keeping the wearer comfortable and warm when they’re in the water.

When you’re looking for a 3mm wetsuit, you’ll want to make sure that it’s made of neoprene. Wetsuits are usually made with this material because it offers an insulating effect, keeping heat in and cold out of your body.

These suits aren’t just for swimmers—they’re also perfect for diving, snorkelling and Stand up paddle boarding, kayaking and surfing who want protection from colder waters and surfers who want to stay warm on chilly days.

 3mm wetsuits are best for watersports where you’ll be in the water for a short period of time, such as surfing and stand-up paddleboarding. They’re also great for swimming laps in your local pool or for enjoying the outdoors on a chilly day.

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