Shorty wetsuits

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Shorty wetsuit

If you intend to enjoy somewhere warm for your water activities, then there is nothing better than a shorty wetsuit.  Whether you intend taking part in a watersport or the beach with the family a shorty is an ideal.  Whether you are buying for Men, women or kids its the ideal accessory for the water in warm climate.

A shorty wetsuit is ideal because it covers the basic trunk of the body leaving your arms and legs exposed to the sea, unlike a traditional wetsuit.  The intention is to keep your body core warm.  However you can get a shorty with longer arms and or legs, but to to a full suit length with either.

A shorty wetsuit can be used for many sports such as bodyboarding,Paddleboarding, kayaking sailing, surfing triathlon and wakeboarding are just some of the sports a shorty wetsuit is ideal.  It keeps your core warm, whether you are using a 2/2 or  a 2/3 shorty wetsuit.  Which in turn allows you to stay in the water longer and gives you more fun time.

Another big benefit of a shorty wetsuit is ease of carrying it.  It takes less room to carry in your suitcase etc

You can find many different styles, thicknesses and these are really down to personal experience and knowledge. Generally they are 3/2 thickness but can be 2/2 with a few 1mm thickness.  You can find with long arms or legs especially in the UK.  Feel free to use our search facility to choose your exact requirements.  We have designs from 11 makers here now, so feel free to look and find the one for you.

The quality of the shorty is mainly around the quality of the Neoprene, whether its E4, ultraflex or SBR CR Neoprene is down to your personal choice.  A good quality suit that you look after can last many years.

Please think about where you want the zip, at the back, front or no zip at all.  These finer points are all worth thinking about.

Whether you are an beginner, intermediate or expert there is a shorty for you available here today..

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